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Knowing your personality type can help you to discover your perfect career and much more.

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Meet Paul Tieger,
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"I've been using Personality Type for thirty years and continue to be amazed daily, at how this powerful tool helps people in so many practical ways."

- Paul Tieger

Read what others just like you are saying!

"Losing my job really shook me up; but my career report showed me that I simply wasn't suited to what I was doing, and gave me GPS like direction to a total career change. Paul's advice was like having a friend and partner helping to steer me through a difficult time; and I could not be happier in my new job."

- Jonathan F.
"My career report spoke directly to me. It gave me an unbelievably accurate assessment of my personality strengths and weaknesses; and specific action step advice on how to apply that to my job. I credit the report as the key factor in getting me the promotion I had been after for two years."

- Jessica L.
"In today's economy, anyone who doesn't have at least a little concern for their job is not being honest with themselves. I really liked my job, but didn't feel like I was hitting the cover off the ball. My career report confirmed that I was in the right place, but more importantly pointed out strengths and weaknesses I wasn't even aware of, and gave me step by step advice on how to improve my performance. The results showed up in my latest reviews; and I feel like I can look forward again. Thank you, Paul."

- Jim K.
"My counselors at school told me to go after the safe or popular career options. But my career report showed me that success is often based on how well you are suited to the path you choose, not just conventional wisdom. It opened my eyes to dozens of career choices I never would have thought of that were right for me. I'm now on the fast track in a job that I can't wait to get to every morning."

- Sarah G.
"Don't even think about making a career change without first getting your career report. For me, it was like an honest, objective look in the mirror that not only helped me conclude that I was not in the right job for me, but also gave me lots of options to find ones that were. I was beating my head against the wall in a job I didn't really enjoy, but didn't want to give up on; the report gave me the confidence to make the move, and the road map to make it happen; it changed my life."

- Dave T.