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What Paul has to say

"I've been using Personality Type for thirty years and continue to be amazed daily, at how this powerful tool helps people in so many practical ways."

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About Assessment ™

Based on the most widely-used, well-respected, model of Personality Type in the world, the Assessment ™ enables users to quickly and accurately indentify their Personality Type – usually in less than five minutes.

Although every individual is unique, people of the same personality type have a remarkable amount in common – especially with regards to the careers in which they find satisfaction and success.

The assessment was created by Paul D. Tieger, internationally recognized expert and author Do What You Are, one of the best-selling career guides of all time, which has sold close to one million copies.

A unique feature of the Assessment ™ is its ability to help users “verify” the accuracy of their personality type “preferences” as they complete the brief questionnaire. To date, over forty thousand people have characterized the assessment results as either “extremely” or “very” accurate.

Discover your Personality Type and Do What You Are


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Paul D. Tieger is an internationally recognized expert in Personality Type and the author of five breakthrough books including the 1 million copy best seller ‘Do What You Are’


Paul D. Tieger

Paul D. Tieger is an internationally recognized expert in Personality Type. The Founder and first Director of The New England Type Institute, Paul has personally trained thousands of managers, team leaders, HR professionals, career consultants, psychologists, attorneys, and educators.

Over the past 20 years, Paul has consulted with dozens of insurance companies, financial institutions, law firms, colleges, utility companies, governmental offices, hospitals, and a variety of other types of businesses. He has developed innovative programs in such areas as team-building, management and sales training, career development, succession planning, conflict resolution, and communication enhancement.

Paul pioneered the application of Personality Type as a tool to assist trial attorneys in selecting and communicating with jurors, and has worked on dozens of high-profile civil and criminal cases, including the first physician-assisted suicide trial of Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

Paul has appeared on scores of radio and television programs, including Geraldo Live and CNN’s Business Unusual, and has been profiled in The New York Times. As a result of his jury consulting experiences, Paul wrote The Art of SpeedReading People – a system for helping all people quickly size others up and speak their language.

Paul holds degrees in Psychology and Organizational Behavior.